6 Things to Do Now to Prep for Spring Home Selling

Are you thinking of selling your home in spring? Now’s the time to get started! Selling a home takes planning, preparation, and time, especially if you expect to sell for top dollar. So, where’s the best place to start? Here’s how to prepare for spring home selling.

Declutter & depersonalize

yard sale for spring home selling

One of the best things you can do for your home (even if you’re not selling) is to clear out some of the clutter. Clutter makes a home feel smaller and less open, and can even give the impression of poor maintenance or cleanliness in more extreme cases. Clutter also makes it harder to see your home’s best features; overstuffed closets appear smaller and covered countertops are impossible to admire!

Decluttering might seem like a huge project, but it’s actually very doable if you start small. Select one room or part of a room (like a closet), then work your way through the house, one small area at a time. Sort belongings into piles of things to keep, to donate, or to throw away, then establish set “homes” for the things you keep.

Get an inspection

home inspection for spring home selling

Do you know about all of your home’s issues? Likely not. Some of the more obvious ones might be common knowledge, but odds are, there are a few underlying issues lurking about that even you’re completely unaware of. This is where the home inspection comes in handy; you want to know about these lurkers long before your buyer finds out!

Maintenance issues uncovered in the buyer’s home inspection can be costly if the buyer demands a price reduction or fast repair, and they could even cost you the sale. Uncovering maintenance issues before you list gives you plenty of time to address potential dealbreakers and shop around for the best rates on repairs.

Make necessary repairs

repairs for spring home selling

At the end of your home inspection, your inspector will likely give you a list of issues or potential red flags. From there, it’s up to you to determine what repairs to make. Keep in mind that any bigger issues you don’t address will likely need to be disclosed to buyers upfront.

Not sure which repairs are worth the cost of making? Your inspector may be able to give you some insight, but the best person to ask is really a real estate agent. A good local agent will know which issues are most likely to cost you a sale.

Consider value-boosting improvements

adding lighting for spring home selling

Once you’ve made necessary repairs, you might want to put some thought into adding a few improvements. These certainly aren’t essential and likely won’t make or break a sale, but they can make your home more appealing to buyers or even lead to a higher price tag.

Value-boosting improvements are usually low-cost and often DIY updates. Think: fresh paint, cabinet resurfacing, LED light bulbs, new hardware. If your home is older or needs more than a small facelift, it might be beneficial to make some larger improvements, like adding additional lighting, replacing appliances or countertops, or redoing flooring.

Focus on the exterior

home with good curb appeal

The first thing a buyer’s going to notice about your home is its exterior! So make sure yours is looking amazing from the outside in. That might require powerwashing or paint, new house numbers or a new front door, or even a little landscaping. Take a walk down to the curb and try to survey your home with an unbiased eye: what do you really see?

Find an outstanding agent!

working with an agent

The #1 best thing you can do for yourself as a home seller? Find a great agent! The right agent will be able to walk you through all the rest—the inspection and repairs, the value-boosting improvements, and the actual selling process. Forget the headache, the uncertainty, and all the questions; hire an agent!

Looking for a Great Agent in Naperville?

Thinking of selling a home in the Naperville area? Contact me, Sandy Hunter, today to learn more about how I can help you get your home looking fantastic, price it accurately, and list it for top dollar—all in time for spring home selling season!

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